AML Sanction Manager

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As the AML Sanctions Manager at Galaxy FinX, you will be at the forefront of ensuring
the integrity of our financial ecosystem by preventing money laundering, terrorist financing,
and other financial crimes. Your expertise will drive the execution of AML transaction
monitoring, KYC processes, and manual application reviews. By leading our team of Customer
Due Diligence professionals, you will play a critical role in safeguarding our operations and
upholding regulatory compliance while contributing to the success of our digital banking

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of dedicated CDD professionals, providing guidance, mentorship, and
    fostering a culture of compliance excellence.
  • Oversee end-to-end AML onboarding activities, including manual review of applications
    and conducting video KYC processes.
  •  Develop, implement, and enhance AML transaction monitoring procedures, utilizing data
    analytics to identify suspicious patterns and activities.
  •  Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including compliance, legal, and
    operations, to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements and best practices.
  •  Analyze transactional activity to identify and investigate potential cases of money
    laundering, terrorist financing, or other financial crimes, reporting findings to relevant
  •  Provide training and ongoing professional development to team members, ensuring they
    stay current with evolving AML best practices and regulations.
  •  Prepare and present regular reports to senior management and regulatory bodies,
    demonstrating the effectiveness of our AML programs.
  •  Foster a strong culture of compliance, ethical behavior, and accountability within the AML
    team and across the organization.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or related field;
  •  Minimum of 7 years of hands-on experience in customer due diligence, KYC, and AML
    functions within the financial services industry.
  •  Comprehensive understanding of AML regulations, sanctions regimes, and relevant
    international standards.
  •  Expertise in manual review of customer applications, conducting video KYC, and AML
    transaction monitoring.
  •  Strong analytical skills and attention to detail, with the ability to interpret complex data to
    detect patterns and anomalies.
  •  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively
    across functions and levels.
  •  Proven experience in analyzing transactional activity to identify potential cases of financial
  •  Fluency in English is a plus.

Join Our Team:

At Galaxy FinX, we’re committed to revolutionizing banking through technology and
innovation. As the Senior Customer Due Diligence Manager, you will be at the forefront
of this transformative journey, ensuring the safety and security of our customers and their
financial transactions. You’ll have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and inclusive
environment, collaborate with a talented team, and contribute to shaping the future of
digital banking.
If you’re ready to make an impact and thrive in a fast-paced, forward-thinking organization,
we encourage you to apply and join us in redefining banking for the digital age.

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